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Doctor Home Visit

The role of the doctor is not only restricted to prevention and treatment, he is considered the first destination of families’ health problems. His medical role begins with the diagnosis and evaluation of all types of medical cases and answering the patients’ questions regarding their health conditions. Sometimes, this requires laboratory tests to accurately diagnose the condition, hence, the exact etiology of the health problems of patients and their families is examined, then the best ways to treat them, and supervise all medical cases to check the condition of patients.

Nutrition Care

The dietitian’s role does not exist in health awareness of the correct nutritional habits only, but the dietitian works to assess the disease and the food needed for each according to the case condition, laboratory results and physical measurements. Then, to design food programs in order to improve the patients’ health condition in line with their nutritional needs at each stage of the treatment.

Nursing Care

The nurse’s duty is not to educate the patient and her/his family and provide them with the proper advice and assistance only. It goes beyond this through providing a comprehensive care to them and scientifically be responsible while dealing with any health problem may occur, as well as working to ensure the validity and reliability of medications and act as role models to gain the confidence of the patient and her/his relatives to ensure the provision of outstanding medical service.


The role of the physiotherapist is not to raise the awareness only, but also to study the medical cases and design treatment plans for the patients in coordination with the physiotherapist supervisor to improve the function of the affected organs, relieve pain and constantly evaluate the medical conditions during the treatment period to find out the response to the treatment and to train the patient and her/his family on the exercises to be practiced at home and work. On the other hand, to gain their trust and professionally provide an atmosphere of privacy and comfort during the treatment and on scientific basis to obtain the highest level of service and to ensure a positive treatment experience for patients.

Laboratory Test

Laboratory tests are very important, starting from the process of taking the blood sample in order to make some tests to examine the body health and be sure that it is free from diseases, such as examining the quantities of vitamins, minerals, etc. Hence, samples are taken for treatment by centrifuge machines to separate red blood cells, platelets and plasma with accurate devices through which to know the health of the patient’s body according to necessary procedures and precautions to ensure the general safety of patients during the sampling.

Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Sleep specialists have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. The patient shall be assessed at every stage of the treatment program using high-precision medical devices to give correct readings starting from the initial examination and through all comprehensive tests and then to be followed-up. The assessment team includes qualified nurses and technicians to treat sleep disorders, so that tests are conducted in your home and review the results of the tests constantly to develop treatment plans which appropriate your medical condition.


The main role of the psychologist exists in the prevention and working to improve the quality of life and preventing the disorders to be chronic through the use of the principles, techniques, methods and procedures to understand the dynamics of the patient’s personality and predict the probability of development of his condition starting with psychological tests to detect the behavior of the patient, his abilities, factors influencing him and then the case study including collection of information about the patient in order to determine the reasons then design a treatment plan in stages and follow it up to achieve the desired results.